Daily Routine

*At 7:00 am Morning time our excited students coming in, and our expert team is here to help your child settle in, so please inform them about your child state if he/she is not feeling well or cranky. During this time, our Butterflies and Tiny Butterflies children get a chance to explore in our spacious covered outdoor play areas, or develop their movement and coordination in our indoor soft play areas.

Then, we settle in for circle time at 8:00 a.m. Greeting the children (Good Morning), singing nursery rhymes, flash cards, asking about what day is today, weather state….etc.

At 8:30 our kids will have their breakfast in a good atmosphere the table is not too crowded; children are not seated too close together or in large groups. Our team create a calm and happy atmosphere by smiling, humming or singing while getting them ready to eat their meal.

 Our lessons encourage children to explore, discover, grow, and learn. We offer a range of activities from circle time which builds children’s self-confidence, verbal and social skills, to stimulating art and craft activities that push students to be creative and innovative thinkers. We encourage our children to engage in all the activities done in the classroom or outdoors ones. Each child develops their coordination, control and movement skills in our active Physical Education lessons, they also express their creativity through music. No matter what day, our mornings are guaranteed to be interesting and fun for all the children.

AT 11:30 am its lunch time for our kids. We teach children to eat independently, but also we help develop their eating etiquette. We encourage parents to send in a range of healthy meals for their child to enjoy, we encourage children to eat healthy food always.

Note: we have a nut free policy.

Our afternoons consist of a fun range of activities your child is sure to enjoy. Our magical story time brings books to life as the children are engaged in wild imaginations. Our movement and music activities led by their teacher build on creativity, imagination and improve balance, coordination and rhythm. Our manipulative activities not only help children develop fine motor skills in their hands, fingers and arms, but also teach them about size, shape, patterns and sequences.

Home time, our team is always available at the end of the day to give you updates about your child’s day. A detailed daily report will be filled out by your child’s teacher and placed in your child’s pack bag ready for you to take home.