Our Policies


What is our arrivals and departures policy?

Because we care for you as a team member in achieving what is best for your child, we accept early arrivals from 6:45 am. However, we do not encourage late pick up as our staff need to go home to be with their families and any delay in pickups is lost time for them with their families.

For your child’s safety, we kindly request the following:

  • Deliver your child to class in person. Please do not leave your child unattended in an empty classroom. Should you find the classroom empty please inform our Receptionist and she will help
  • Kindly close the gate behind you. This is a safety measure so no child accidentally runs out to the street
  • Kindly sign in as you enter so we know that your child is in the building in case of emergency.

We also kindly request that you inform us when, for any reason, your child is unable to attend

  • Kindly pick up your child from his classroom at departure time
  • Kindly sign the sign-out sheet


What is our food and drink policy?

Little Butterflies Nursery unfortunately does not provide children with food, drinks and snacks. We encourage the parents to provide their children with adequate amounts of food whilst they are under our care. Here is a list of recommended foods and beverages for your little one:

  • Rice cakes
  • Crackers
  • Raisins
  • Cut up fruits
  • Cut up vegetables
  • Cheerios
  • Low fat yogurt
  • Milk
  • Fruit juice like apple juice or orange juice

For the safety of your children, please avoid sending hard food that is difficult to chew and could potentially be a choking hazard. We do not allow any nuts in our premises. Please also refrain from sending candy and chocolates as they contain empty calories. 

Mealtimes are a social occasion providing children with a variety of learning opportunities. Staff role model good manners, mealtime etiquette, conversation, new vocabulary and encourage explain the value of good health and nutrition.

Because we encourage independence, older children are encouraged to serve themselves independently with assistance where required to pour their own drinks, lay the tables etc.

Children will be encouraged and supported to use child sized cutlery provided by you where necessary. Where it is part of a child’s culture to eat with their fingers or chopsticks, this will be encouraged and supported. Infants will not be discouraged from using their hands to eat their food as this is part of their development.

Where a child is weaning we will discuss with the parents their requirements and consult our

Weaning Guidelines to come up who a joint strategy to meet the needs of the individual child.

These will be reviewed weekly with the parents in line with our Working in Partnership policy.

Food is not used as a reward or withheld as a punishment; children are encouraged and supported to eat their meals but we will not force them to do so. We will discuss with parents relevant strategies to deal with any issues regarding food.


What measures do we take to ensure cleanliness and hygiene policy?

Hand hygiene

Regular and effective hand washing among both staff and children is one of the most effective ways of controlling the spread of germs.

Tissues are readily available to adults and children at the nursery. We encourage children to blow and wipe their noses and discard tissues in the bins provided.

All children are encouraged to wash their hands before and after meals/snacks.

Tabletops must be cleaned before handling food. All children must wash their hands before they participate in cooking or preparing food activities.

All children are encouraged to cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing and then to wash their hands. Hands should always be washed after using the toilet and eating.

Cleaning and clearing

Disposable gloves are provided and worn by staff when clearing up vomit, blood or any body fluid. All affected areas are cleaned with paper towels and disinfected immediately. Contaminated clothes are removed from the child, placed in plastic bags provided and given to parents to take home.

Soiled clothes are rinsed in hot water and placed in bags provided.

Spare clothes are kept in case of accidents.

We take cleanliness and hygiene very seriously. We teach children the fundamentals of hygiene and have pictorial instructions in all the toilets to ensure that everyone follows the same principals. Furthermore, we have placed hand sanitizes at the entrance of every toilet.

We also clean the toys at the end of every week.


Our Enrollment Policies and Fees Structure