Enrolment Policies

1.  Fees must be paid in full prior to your child`s starting date.

 Payments can be done only by cash.

2.  Registration Fees are non-refundable. Registration fees are invalid if you do not start 3 weeks from the date specified on the form. Your child  will also lose his place at the nursery. The Registration fee is valid for 3 months, depending on availabilities.

3. Fees are to be paid as per the above schedule, and are calculated on annual basis.


4. Tuition Fees are non-refundable after three days of attendance.


5. We offer a 10 % discount for the first sibling of a full-timer, and 15% for the second one.


6. If a child is registered during a term, the fees will be calculated from the joining date till the end of that term, in addition to the Registration Fees.


7. Due date for payments is 1st of each month . We offer a grace period of 3 days for late tuition payment after 1th of each month, then there will be a late fee of QAR 10 for each day that payments are received late. Should the fees and penalties not be received in maximum 10 working days after the due date, the Nursery reserves the right to remove the child from its care.


8. Payment is based on enrolment not attendance, and needs to be paid even when the child is gone due to an unfortunate illness, a day off, vacation or holiday.


9. A non- refundable / non-deductible retainer is applicable if you require a space
booked for your child  when on holiday for a month. For this, retainer is QR 1000 .

If your child is away on holiday for 2 to 3 weeks, then you will pay QR 500 as a retainer + proportional charges for the days attended ( QR 150/day).


10. We don’t hold the place unless payments to be paid in advance with the agreement between the administration and the parents.


11. Parents have to inform the nursery 4 weeks before choosing to withdraw their child from the nursery.


Enrollment Fees   2015-2016

Registration fee: 1200 QR




3 days/week

4 days/week

5 days/ week

Month of September 2015


QAR 2450

QAR 2650

QAR 2850

Term 1

( Oct-Nov-Dec) 2015

QAR 7350

QAR 7950

QAR 8550

Term 2

 (Jan- Feb - March) 2016

QAR 7350

QAR 7950

QAR 8550

Term 3

( April- May- June) 2016

QAR 7350

QAR 7950

QAR 8550

We offer 10% discount for an advance payment for a term !



Additional Charges:

Early drop of

(6:15- 6:45)

QAR 300/month

Late pick -up

3 days/ week

4 days/week

5 days/ week

2:30 PM -3:30 PM


QAR 400

QAR 500

QAR 600


2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

QAR 600

QAR 800

QAR 900


2:30 PM – 5:00 PM

QAR 800

QAR 900

QAR 1100


Extra unxtra up:45-booked


200 QR  /day ( non-registered)

150 QR/day (registered)


Non attendance fee for full month

QAR 1000/month

Uniform( min. 2

t-shirts compulsory)

Polo t-shirt QAR 50